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The Horrible Crowes 

The Studio & Post-Production Updates


10 May 2011

"Studio Update Number One - The Horrible Crowes

Coming to you from a secret location in the Shore of New Jersey, we have begun recording for the Horrible Crowes. So far we've got the drums, percussion, and drum loops pretty well wrapped up in bow thanks to Steve Sidelnyk. Ian finished all the bass parts yesterday and today, and I've done 60% of the Piano work and about 80% of the Hammond B-3 Organs, it's been a pretty productive not-even-first-week. The piano you see pictured above was also used on a record called "Bat Out of Hell" by a guy named Meatloaf, which is one of my top twenty albums of all time. We've got amps upon amps and noises upon noises, the exciting thing for me is this is coming out better than I could have ever dreamed. Benny came down today to hang out and we had a great time listening to all the parts we've laid down so far. There's an electricity in the air, the weather's breathing warmer, and the ocean is at my fingertips again. It's good to be home, it's good to be back in the studio with Ted Hutt and Ryan Mall, and this record is going to make the old women blush and the young girls scream. Like Greg Duli says... 'does he love you? cause if he doesn't I'll be here all night.'"


11 May 2011:

"The Place I Used to Stand... 
Studio Update 2: The Horrible Crowes

Today we did guitars and more guitars... for the gear people, we're using:
'51 Supro Spectator
'63 Supro Thunderbolt
'66 Super Reverb
Dr. Z Route 66
It's very careful with the guitars, each song has different need with this record. Most of the time I just grab one amp and one guitar and bang out a record. Today alone I've actually recorded songs with two Nash Telecasters, a '58 VOS Gibson Les Paul, One Nash Strat, One Gibson Blues King, and an ES-335. All that for about five songs, I haven't even gotten to the other five that actually have guitars in them. There's two songs with no guitar at all. Not to mention Ian's done all his bass tracks, and Steve's done all his drum tracks. I've played the drums, and Ian still has his guitars to do. It's a whole lot of instruments on this one. We've also put the drum loops and programing in there as well. Get ready, and hold on to your seats. 
This is a record to ache to."


13 May 2011:

"Organ Grinders... 
Studio Update 3: The Horrible Crowes

Well, we're moving along. Today was Friday the 13th... Anyway... Today we did a TON of stuff. We laid down about five vocals, more guitars, and knocked out the last of the old Hammond B-3, which is an amazing instrument, and I've found myself pretty attached to it, which I'm sure will end up on the next Gaslight record, which we plan to start writing as soon as I'm done with the Crowes record. Onward and upward... about a week left!" 

Benny Horowitz writes on his blog (13 May 2011): "Went down to the studio to visit Ian and Brian working on the Crowes record, it's sounding super smooth, people are gonna be stoked."

14 May 2011:

Studio Update 4: The Horrible Crowes

We're completely in overdrive mode now, all the basic tracks are done, all the vocals are done, I can't believe we got it all in there so quick... we've been in the studio for less than two weeks. Right now Ian's in there working up his guitar parts, slides, delays, tremolos...and one mighty red ES-335. We're also going to be moving studios on Monday to do the final overdubs, backing vocals, and noises... bottles, breaking glass, the ocean, slamming car doors... that sort of thing. Expect everything."



16 May 2011:

"Birth Of The Cool ...
Studio Update 5: The Horrible Crowes

Today we moved into a new studio to complete the final stages of the record. We had Adele Jensen come in to play trumpet, and it sounds amazing! Like Miles, and Coltrane... There's some big stuff coming this week, we have strings, Benny's coming to play a HUGE tympani drum, it's out of control. It's coming together in an amazing way, and you're going to be very excited. We're not releasing any previews, or sample tracks or anything prior to the first official single. The reason is that this CANNOT be heard in any other than it's proper form. We'd be doing a great injustice to release a demo version or anything less than the final product for you to hear. It's been a long wait for all of us, but it's going to be so very, very worth it when you see the artwork with the actual record or cd and play it for the first time. Thank you for your patience and we're very grateful for everyone's interest in what we're doing here, we're so proud of it and we hope you will enjoy it. We sure have had a blast making it so far and we can't wait to put the final touches on it."

17 May 2011:

"You Cry All Night Long Keepin' the Horses Alarmed...
Studio Update 6: The Horrible Crowes

Now we're cooking with gas... bullet mics and gospel singing. We went over some vocals and did some retakes of the stuff that was sounding too clean with a Shure Bullet mic, which you normally use for harmonicas, but we use 'em for vocals sometimes 'cause it sounds awesome. We used TONS of Fuzz pedals, and got maybe one of the coolest guitar tones ever with a JMI Rangemaster that Ian bought me last year for my birthday. Benny Horowitz is coming down tomorrow to bang on a big huge drum and to help us stomp and clap. This record has bunch of twists and turns, some songs sound like the darkest soul music since Black Love by the Afghan Whigs, some of the songs are Tom Waits and Neil Young's band that never was... and there's some stuff to make PJ Harvey proud. The Record carries out like a novel, there's a beginning and and end, a fall from grace and a little salvation. Son of a Preacher Man... and we're shooting for a September release before I hit the road with Chuck on the Revival tour. Almost done..."


19 May 2011:

"There Was Blood on My Teeth... 
Studio Update 7: The Horrible Crowes

Well, now we've done it, we've crossed the line into strings and we can never go back, we had the Parkington Sisters come in and play some of the most beautiful strings I've ever heard. They also laid some of the wildest accordion down since Tom Waits. We have one more day of recording and then Ted's off to mix it and then it's a waiting game until September when it comes out.
Here we go!"


23 May 2011: 

The Horrible Crowes write on Facebook that "Recording is now finished and Ted is back in LA to Mix!"

24 May 2011

"Recording Complete! 
Studio Update 8: The Horrible Crowes

We finally finished up after about seventeen days of recording for the record. It's scheduled to be released on September 6th on Side One Dummy records. We've got 12 songs, and we're all very excited to have been able to do this record. Thanks to everyone who helped and who's watching!"

8 June 2011:

The Horrible Crowes write on Twitter:  "Record is mixed and now off to mastering!!!!! Sounds KILLER!!!"

10 June 2011:

The Horrible Crowes write on Twitter: "Record is mastered. Officially done!".  They add on Facebook:  "We just got the masters back and they sound AMAZING! Preview track coming soon!"

All photos posted by the Horrible Crowes on Twitter, Facebook, etc., can be found here.


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